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Pals! Collection

Author: Created in collaboration with event goers

Pals! is a series of mini zines that we make at zine fests with attendees. We select a theme for the zine and accept submissions, which we then collage into one page foldable mini zines. On this page we will archive each volume and provide pdfs for you to download and print. To see a list of contributors for the zine, please check our instagram where we tag all of the contributors.

Volume 1, At Detroit Zine Fest: Missing You

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A photo of two mini zines with 'Pals! Volume 1 At Detroit ZineFest 2023. Missing You, Issue 1' and 'Issue 2' written on the cover. A photo of the interior of issue 1, showing the message 'Wish you were here!' a drawing of a man with hears which says 'Greg from Boston' and a drawing of the sidewalk with 'you + me' written inside the heart and captioned 'DC sidewalk circa 2015' A photo of the interior of issue 2 showing a drawing of a person with the caption 'Harry (he's in DC) miss you tons! come home to visit soon!' and a moon with the caption 'Love knowing we still exist under the same moon!' A photo of the back cover which ceatures the DnA logo and says 'Thanks for reading! To learn more about this project, check out our website and isntagram.'

Click here to download the PDF!

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