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Halftone 2024 Recap

Author: Dana
Date: 05/12/24
Tags: #events   #halftone zinefest

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Hi! Dana here, checking in to recap Halftone Zine Fest 2024. This was a great local event for kentuckians to share their work and meet other artists and zinesters. Compared to last yeasr Halftone Zine Fest, the atmosphere was more relaxed and intimate.

A photo of the poster for the event followed by a photo of the vendor hall.

We made the smaller space work and fit our display onto a half table for the event. Dana got to chat with some old Pals who remembered DnA from last years Halftone event, and also meet some new Pals!

A photo of the table display, and a photo of Dana talking to a guest at the table.

We were happy to be able to attend this event for the second year in a row and look forward to seeing the event continue to grow, and to meet more people in the Kentucky zine community!

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