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DZF 2024 Recap

Date: 04/09/24
Author: Dana
Tags: #events , #detroit zine fest 2024

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Our first fest of 2024 is complete! It’s been over a year since DnA tabled at our first Zine Fest, and it felt great to be back in Detroit where it all began. Last year, Detroit Zine Fest was our first taste of the zine community (read about last years experience in a previous blog post), and it was delightful! Although things started out rocky, with Alex being unable to attend due to a snow storm, and Dana frantically trying to create a table display with nothing but a table cloth and some book stands, the event went incredibly smoothly. This year, Dana planned to attend solo and had everything needed to create the table display. She went into this years fest feeling much more prepared and confident.

Photo of the table display, followed by a photo of the inside of the venue full of artists and attendees

Over the winter, Dana has been working on some new acrylic display pieces to show off all of DnA’s wares. Alex created removeable stickers to decorate the acrylic and display pricing. After each fest, we evaluate what worked and what didn’t and try to come up with solutions to make it easier for attendees to see and reconize our brand and items. Washi tapes are hard to display, for example, and while we have gotten some solutions for them I think we are still trying to figure out the best way to show them at fests.

The fest was heavily attended, with a diverse crowd of people who came out to support the artists and search for cool, unique zines and printed matter. Dana was busy all day and hardly had time to socialize with the other vendors or do any shopping herself! Usually, she has a large pile of stuff at the end of the event, but this time she only made one purchase of a riso print from radriso, along with a healthy pile of zines she got through trades.

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Of all the fests Dana attended last year, Detroit Zine Fest was far and away her favorite. The organizers provide so much support for the vendors. There is a quiet room to rest, a food truck outside the venue for lunch, and the volunteers and venue staff are always available to help you out if you need it. If you are nearby, Dana definitely recommends making the trip to go to this fest! Thank you to the organizers, Yvie and Yahsmin, the volunteers, venue staff, all of the vendors, and all of the attendees for making this fest feel so welcoming!

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Upcoming Spring Fests!

Date: 03/14/24
Author: Dana
Tags: #events

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Just a quick blog post to announce that we have been accepted into two spring zine fests! DnA will be tabling at Detroit Zine Fest on April 6, and Halftone Zine Fest on May 11.

We will be doing a livestream over on instagram before each fest to announce the details and feature any new items that will be releasing at each fest, and you can always check our events page to keep up to date with all of our upcoming events.

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DnA 2023 Bundle and T-shirt Pre-order!

Date: 01/25/24
Author: Dana
Tags: #goods , #news

A black line drawing of a cat's face

To celebrate our first year of DnA, Alex and I have created some special items to share with our Pals! We have a super cool t-shirt design featuring Dee and A and their cat and bun avatars in black and white. The t-shirt comes in two options, a standard Gildan cotton version and premium cotton Bella + Canvas version, and sizes S through XXXXL. To go with the shirt there is a holographic BFF sticker drawn by Alex, and a DnA Annual Report mini-zine sharing our milestones from the year. Finally, we are including both of our 2023 Sketchbooks in the release. You can get the whole package for just $45, which is a $5 discount compared to purchasing all the items seperately!

Close up shot of a DnA Shirt with zines and a sticker on top.

These items will be up for sale on our online shop for preorder starting today, January 25th. The pre-order window closes on February 18 and shipped asap following the preoder window close. More information about shipping will be provided closer to the preorder close date. Head to our shop to purchase the t-shirt, sticker, zines, or get the whole bundle!

A photo of the shirt, followed by a photo of Alex modeling the shirt enthusiastically.

The shirts will only be available for pre-order, so if you are interested in ordering one make sure you do it before February 18th! The sketchbooks will be available throughout the year, but this bundle price is one time only!

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MCA TCA Zine Party Recap

Date: 01/04/24
Author: Alex
Tags: #events

A black line drawing of a bunny's face

I had such a good time sharing a table with Cynthia E. Hanifin from Zine Club Chicago in December. The Teen Creative Agency from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago hosted a zine party at the museum, and it was a blast!

Alex behind the table at TCA’s Zine Party.

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Zinecinnati Recap

Date: 09/20/23
Author: Dana
Tags: #zinecinnati 2023 , #events

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Hello Pals! Alex and I had a great time at Zinecinnati and the wrap party the next day. This was the last in person event we will be attending for 2023, so it also wraps up our 2023 fest schedule. But don’t worry, we have something exciting planned for the holiday season!

Dana and Alex behind the table at Zinecinnati.

Zinecinnati is held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati. The space is unique and great for a small zinefest like Zinecinnati. Although the space wasn’t as big as some of the other vendor halls we’ve been in, it was well traficked and packed with diverse artists and craftspeople.

Keep reading to see more pictures and hear more about the fest!

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