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Halftone ZineFest 2023 Recap

Author: Dana
Date: 05/30/23
Tags: #halftone zinefest 2023   #events

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We had a great time in Lexington at Halftone Zinefest. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us! We loved meeting and chatting with everyone. Shout out to Cheyenne and Michelle for organizing the event, and to the 21c in Lexington for allowing us to use their space. Be sure to follow the halftone instagram account and check their website to hear about future events.

photograph of dana and alex standing behind their colorful table display Alex and Dana posing behind their colorful table display.

Alex and I were very excited to attend our first event together as DnA. We finally got to show off our incredible custom table display made by Alex and her Dad. We got some very nice compliments on the display and had a few people recognize us from instagram which was very fulfilling. Alex has done an amazing job running our instagram and it feels good to have someone recognize the hard work.

photograph of the event space A photo of the event space and vendors.

Alex and I debuted our Dabble Zines at this fest and were a little bit unsure how they would be recieved. The rest of our work is very colorful, fun, and let’s just say lighter fare. The Dabble zines are something that we both felt very passionate about, but we weren’t quite sure how they would fit in with the rest of our work. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of people who showed an interest. Particularly in my ‘What is the Open Web?’ zine! I thought that people would be more interested in the RSS one, but I guess people don’t necessarily recognize RSS so weren’t as drawn to it. Hopefully, if they read the Open Web zine they will be interested in RSS as well!

all of Alex's work for sale at the fest

all of dDana's work for sale at the fest.

There were lots of incredible artists there, and I want to just shout out a couple of people that I connected with while I was there. Abby aka Mildpain, a (now) cincy based comix artist and zinester, and Victoria who runs Halftone Hospital, an awesome website full of open source assets for comix artists. Check out their work! Alex wanted to shout out a few new pals too - check out Hannah Kincaid, Lilly Higgs, and Olivia Scott’s work while you’re at it!

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