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Find our Work at iNK and Quimbys

Author: Dana
Date: 06/17/23
Tags: #DnA in the wild   #consigment

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Big news! You can now find our zines at iNK in Northern Kentucky and Quimby’s in Chicago.

Alex and I are testing out some consigment locations as a way to make our work more accessible. Currently our work is only available at events which makes it hard for people to get their hands on our zines, prints, and stickers. Since we are based in Cincinnati and Chicago, we wanted to get our work on shelves there first.

Indie Northern Kentucky, or iNK, is a new shop run by the organizers of Zinecinnati. They just had their grand opening on June 2nd, during the Bellvue First Friday where shops on Fairfield Ave stay open late to invite people to shop, eat, and enjoy live performances. I stopped by and chatted with some people in the shop and snapped some pictures of the awesome zine wall.

a photo of the interior of iNK, showing some plants and the zine wall

Quimby’s is a long standing pillar of the zine and alternative press community in Chicago. Alex participates in Zine Club Chicago events regularly and is a frequent visitor at Quimby’s. We were super psyched to be featured in their ‘New Stuff Saturday’s Livestream’ after Alex dropped off our stuff for consignment there.

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