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Author: Dana
Date: 06/24/23
Tags: #updates   #newsletter

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Keep up with us through our new newsletter on Pencil Booth!

Alex and I were looking for an easy way for people to keep up with us, and we wanted a newsletter subscription service that anyone could sign up for. I came upon Pencil Booth and we both liked the format, and the attitude of the creators. Then Alex did her outreach magic and designed the cutest background and came up with great ways to use the service.

We are planning to use the newsletter to share what we’ve been doing each month and keep our subscribers up to date about upcoming events and other news. When you sign up you will get monthly updates and timely announcements, and anyone can browse our previous newsletter posts on our Pencil Booth archive.

Newsletters go out at the end of the month, and our first one will go live next week. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

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