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The Revenge of Hallowzine Kickstarter!

Author: Alex
Date: 08/21/23
Tags: #updates

A black line drawing of a bunny's face

Hey pals! It’s Alex here. If you’re on our Newsletter list you might remember I shared I was working on a comic in the exclusive WIP content - well that comic is complete! Ghost Cake will be part of Aquatic Panda Distro’s The Revenge of Hallowzine anthology! How can you get your hands on this book you ask?

Back the Kickstarter before 9/17 to get your copy containing horror and Halloween themed comics from over 20 Chicago-land artists!

digital drawing of a ghost in front of a bakery with a woman standing in front with crossed arms and a big smile. The ghost’s speech bubbles read “I used to be a baker / I owned a shop and everything / and I miss cake” with a “Live on Kickstarter” graphic overlaid

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