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Street Cat Recap

Author: Dana
Date: 08/22/23
Tags: #events   #street cat zine fest 2023

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Another zine fest in the books for 2023. I drove out to Chillicothe, OH to sling zines and stickers for DnA last weekend. I debuted some new stickers inspired by my working cat zines and some keychains I have been fiddling with, while Alex debuted a new zine about her experience participating in Zine Camp, a new sparkling bunny sticker, and a barbie-isnpired magnet.

Dana standing behind the table showing off all of the DnA goodies.

I also got to try out a new set of display shelves for our stickers and smaller items that I made with a laser cutting machine in my public library maker space. I made these with some cheap plywood from Home Depot but now that we know the design is solid I am hoping to make some nicer versions out of acrylic.

Keep reading to hear more about the event.

The outside of the venue. It was a beautiful day!

The event was smaller than the other two zine fests we attended this year, and the crowd was smaller as well. That being said, everyone I spoke to was kind and enthusiastic and I’d like to spend more time in Chillicothe and the surrounding region doing some hiking and camping. I enjoyed chatting with and meeting the other artists, like Ty, my table mate, and Stephanie, the incredible organizer (who also played in her punk rock band Girl Songs at the pride event earlier that day)!

Something unique about this event was that there were live poetry readings throughout. I used to run a lit mag on my college campus and hearing the readings was nostalgic and reminded me of the open mic nights we used to host in coffee shops near campus.

We’ll have more new releases and big friend energy at Zinecinnati in September. Make sure to mark your calendars for Setpember 9th and subscribe to our newsletter to get all the inside info.

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