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MCA TCA Zine Party Recap

Author: Alex
Date: 01/04/24
Tags: #events

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I had such a good time sharing a table with Cynthia E. Hanifin from Zine Club Chicago in December. The Teen Creative Agency from the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago hosted a zine party at the museum, and it was a blast!

Alex behind the table at TCA’s Zine Party.

There were GORGEOUS free zines made by TCA members, musicians, maker-stations, and of course vendors like us. We were across from the great Zine Mercado, and I was introduced to #blkgrlswurld’s inspirational projects for the first time in our vendor area.

Zines made by the Teen Creative Agency.

It was awesome meeting so many young artists who are creating space for each other AND producing phenomenal work. Sharing the table with Cynthia also meant I experienced folks getting excited to join Zine Club Chicago meetings in the future. I’m definitely feeling reenergized and ready to make more cool stuff in the new year thanks to this event!

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