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What We're Bringing to DZF

Author: Dana
Date: 03/01/23
Tags: #detroit zine fest 2023   #events   #goods

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Hello! Today I am bringing you an update with all of the goods we will be bringing with us to Detroit Zine Fest 2023! Alex and I did a livestream on our instagram last night highlighting all of the products we are going to be selling at the fest, but I wanted to share a list of products with prices for those of you that missed the live or don’t have time to watch the whole thing but still want a big picture look at what we’re taking with us to Detroit. Keep reading to see our goods list and prices.



Sticky Things


We can’t wait to hang out with all the other artists and vendors at the event! We will also be making a collaborative zine called PALS! with contributions from guests and attendees. Stop by the table to grab a template and make your contribution. See you on Saturday!

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