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DZF2023 Recap

Author: Dana
Date: 03/05/23
Tags: #detroit zine fest 2023   #events

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Detroit Zine Fest 2023 is in the books! It was a stressful weekend for us here at DnA, but ultimately the event went well and I had a great time meeting the other artists and sharing my work with the visitors. I wasn’t sure what kind of response to expect, expecially after Alex was unable to attend due to weather. It didn’t turn out the way that we had hoped but we made do with what we had.

Dana sitting behind the table at Detroit Zine Fest 2023

Keep reading for more photos and my thoughts on the fest.

A photo of the table, laid out with prints, zines, and washi tapes

Alex and I live in different cities and intend to meet up for events, so all of our planning had been done long distance. DZF was meant to be our first event together, and we were going to exchange some of the table set up and give each other some of the other persons work, in case we want to do some events alone. We just didn’t expect for our First event to be one that I did alone. Alex designed and created some incredible table display pieces that were meant to be unveiled at DZF, and she also had our DnA business cards, a table runner, and of course all of her beautiful artwork. I had a black table cloth and some book stands. I improvised and did my best to fill the table but I know it was pretty underwheming. Definitely not the amaing first impression that we had envisioned!

A photo of the vendors space as you enter the venue.

Even so, the guests and other artists were all very understanding. We had great table neighbors such as All Sorrows, Maya Scarpa, and TayLizArt. There were a handful of people who came through that said they had never been to a Zine Fest before and they seemed so excited and happy to have discovered them. It was so wholesome! Also, huge shout out to my Mom, who pitched in last minute to help.

Dana And her Mom standing behind the table.

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