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Pals! Volume 1 Release

Author: Dana
Date: 03/24/23
Tags: #pals!   #detroit zine fest 2023

A black line drawing of a cat's face

Volume 1 of our collaborative zine series Pals! is officially released! Pals! is a series of one page mini zines that DnA makes with submissions from attendees at zine fests. We pick a theme for the zine and ask people to submit drawings and writing at the fest, then we collage them together and create mini zines that we share for free online and with contributors via mail. If you submitted at DZF then your illustration or note will appear in the most recent volume, which has just been aded to our publications page. If you requested a print copy by mail keep an eye on your mailbox because it should be arriving soon.

A photo of two mini zines with 'Pals! Volume 1 At Detroit ZineFest 2023. Missing You, Issue 1' and 'Issue 2' written on the cover.

The theme for Volume 1 is ‘Missing You,’ because at the time I was missing A.OK Art, the other half of DnA. Alex was unable to attend DZF this year because of the snow. I changed the theme last minute as a tribute to her, and we got some very heartfelt messages and drawings from guests.

Click here to download the PDF!

You can print the pdf and fold the zines yourself at home. These are one page mini zines, so make sure you don’t print them double sided! If you need a quick tutorial on how to fold the zine, check out this 2 minute video showing how it’s done by Austin Kleon. I prefer to use scissors to cut mine for a clean edge instead of tearing, but there are no rules. Enjoy the zine, pals!

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